Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Coming to you, very soon! :o)

January 1, 2014

Plain White Paper Alert-- albeit digitally written:

At last! At last!

A blog to share my adventures of the typer world at large!

(Confession time: this is my New Year's Resolution, to try and start writing interesting tidbits about my -- ahem -- typewriter obsession! Something I'm quite sure you all share with me! :)

A brave step for me, a chance to further explore the wilderness and compose text for you all to (hopefully) enjoy and perhaps, ponder a bit.

It's taken a better part of four years for me to finally come up for air, with a shaky hand or two-- Oh! I'm SO nervous!-- and tell you all my observations and discoveries of some fairly hard-to-find typers.

May the writer gods forgive my bad turn of prose tonight!

Hang in there a little bit longer, as I'm currently busy taking pictures, finding interesting documents within my files to officially start this blog in the next day or two. I had fun coming up with the title of this blog: The Naked Typewriter: Revealing What's There, as I've discovered all kinds of things other collectors hadn't known, plus pulling back the curtain to reveal art design of these wondrous machines... something I don't see nor hear spoken much about, along with historical information and much more.

About me:

I am a dedicated instructor, with a Masters in Education. I used to handset type for the letterpress, so when I couldn't find a great typewriter picture to use for one of my lectures, I said I'll photograph one of my own. It was a natural transition for me, from hand-setting type to collecting these machines... I was hooked!

As I began to research typewriters in more detail, I was recovering from not one, but two knee surgeries that put me out of commission for a little while. In a way, it was a blessing in disguise: you could say I was a captive audience at my computer-- the hours flew by and quite a few bits of information started to come out. I'm fascinated not only with the historical aspect, but the choices designers made in fabrication of these steel/aluminum sheets- to shape these pieces of metal in their quest to build the perfect machine! Needless to say, I began to garner interest from some of the top collectors, because of my unique research approaches, and subsequently found material that added to the pool of knowledge. With their support and encouragement, I humbly hope to share what I found with you all.

Thanks for being here, for being YOU! As always, I welcome all kinds of feedback, whilst I find my footing doing this blog.


Gigi ;o)


  1. He Gigi! Welcome to the Typosphere!

    1. Hi Spiderwebz! ;o)

      Thank you most kindly!

      If you can, try to tell the others about this blog, okay? I'm still figuring out how to use the tools to get the word out (pun intended ;).

      I can only hope I can provide useful typer information, typos and all! ;o)

      By the way, there's a new story up about Martin Luther King's typewriter... Part 1, and upcoming Part 2. And what you know-- I have a NEW typer coming that I just discovered that fits this (second part of the) story perfectly. So my newest post has to wait a few days more, so I can include pictures when it does arrive! Hooray!

      Forgive me for my enthusiasm, as I have lots of it!

      Promise me you take lots of care.

      Again, many thanks for being YOU!

      Warmly, Gigi :)