Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello World! I'm Baaack! It's Back To School Time, that is!

A musing:

In the beginning of time... there was word. And the word was typewritten.

Tick, Tok, Tick, Tok, Tick, Tok...

My, how time flies when you are having fun researching! Presenting, and what have you!

I'm finally back on Planet Earth, after a crazy summer. And yes, I have very, very good reasons being away from my blog for SO Long! Trust me, it's well worth the wait!

But first, a batch of kudos to Gabe Burbano for hosting the fabulous International Typewriter Collectors Convention 2014 in Milwaukee the second week of August!  I've made many wonderful friends, and gave a presentation there that was well received. It was my first time teaching-- rather, giving a seminar in quite some time, and it felt great getting back in the saddle again! Thank you all for making me feel so welcome, after hiding behind my computer screen for a bit.

Speaking of which:

Today is the first day of school for a lot of young (and older) ones, especially on the East Coast. Growing up, I remember always starting school after Labor Day, and with it, hearing previews of my current teacher's lesson plans for the next month or so.

Hopefully, I can keep your interest these upcoming weeks whilst I go through a merry list of topics to cover in this blog. My brain is so scattered nowadays, I've created lesson plans of my own, to help me 'focus' and better share with you what I've discovered! Once a teacher, always a teacher, you know?

But... what does that have to do with typewriters? Plenty, let me tell you! It's my hope to share with you all things related to learning about typers; starting with the wonderful teaching typewriters and subsequent topics that branch off from them: a bit of history, a dash of art, calculate some math, a pinch of reading, deal with graphic design (typology), a smattering of psychology or cognitive science, fondly called 'cog sci,' and so much more-- that's background information about typewriters.

By popular request, my first blog entry starting tomorrow, will be recapping my presentation "A Touch of Class: Learning about Teaching Typewriters," along with that uber special weblink everyone is/was asking me about. Not only that, pictures galore as well.  There's so much to tell, that I may have to take several days to do so! ;o)


Detour Time:

I confess, I'm swooning. It's SO HOT in my office, and no a/c in sight! Brain is so fried right now, can't barely get the words on the page... I'm going to have to close this missive. I tried to type these words on my "Barely There Shamrock" Torpedo for a typecast, and my fingers kept slipping on the keys (or am I chasing them?). Not fun!

Please forgive me o, typospherians! May the grammar gods forgive me as well!

Stay tuned... I will prevail! See y'all tomorrow!

Warmly, Gigi :)